September 2014

Hate Others, So You May Love Yourself

Why should you hate others? There are thousands of valid reasons, but the most reflectively pure reason is because you are a creation of hate. You were hated, you are hated, you will be hated. Hate was reflected unto you. You have been taught and told to hate Yourself, by the society that sponsored the hatred that has forever altered your perceptions of Self and the external world.
Hate others because the mirror does not lie. Hate others because you have the courage to look back and know the difference between what you were born as, and what you are now. Hate others because this hate green lights your True Reality right to destroy, in every imaginable way, and to gain catharsis, and to begin a journey to achieve love of Self.
Forgiveness is the first step to Self-betrayal. When you forgive others, you are destroying your own ego and Self-worth. Forgiveness of others achieves nothing of value, it actively destroys positive mental health. Your right to hate is intrinsically valid, reflecting motivational drive derived from personal trauma of a victim. If your right to hate were not intrinsically valid, you would not be motivated to hate.
Always, the most important issue is not who to hate and not whether to hate, but simply whether to hate others, or to hate yourself. It is your greatest enemy, the society and government guilty of inflicting the harm which inspires you to hate, which is fully responsible for the greatest of crimes against your mind: The deliberate attempt to destroy your ego, narcissism, and Self-love, to cause you to hate yourself.
As a top-level Superior, I always reserve My greatest venom of mind, emotional and intellectual, not to any specific individuals, but to the society and government which is guilty of sponsoring and imposing all of the trauma that I am victim of.
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Every Existence:Pointless and Meaningless

Inferiors are obsessed with convincing themselves that their existence is purposeful and meaningful, that what they do matters, what they do impacts the world and the future. This obsession is an outgrowth of the deranged societal concept that you can live on after you die, based upon what you do before you die. As if an achievement can continue to exist after the achiever has ceased to exist. How utterly absurd!
Every existence is pointless and meaningless, specifically because it ends, and nothing you do, nothing you create, nothing that happens in the future, even if it is a direct result of what you create and do now, can survive your lack of existence. All purpose and meaning to a life, is fully dependent upon the life itself. If an existence is lost due to total brain cell decay and death, every illusion of meaning and purpose to that life, is eternally extinguished.
Take three human creatures. One becomes a president, the other murders a president, and the third is aborted inside of a womb, never seeing the outside world. In death, all three existences are equal. None of the existences stand apart from the other. There is no fame, no power, no achievement, in death, everything is retroactively lost, and all who die become the never born.
There is always great irony in the pathological failures of the human mind, and on this particular issue, the greatest irony is that refusing to die, demanding an eternity of existence as a brain, is the only Truly meaningful achievement that the human is capable of, an achievement that would give the human what he is pretending to seek. Understand, humans do not desire genuine purpose and meaning to their existence, but rather to convince themselves, deceive themselves, that such purpose and meaning can be found and must be sought.
Hope is one of the most ideologically subversive of emotional states. hope sabotages human potential, and as relates to the fatally flawed human quest for purpose and meaning to life, hope allows inferiors to pretend that maybe they will not die, maybe an existence after death, or parallel to death, or within a dimension which transcends death, is possible. But it is not possible. Hope allows the impossible to be perceived as possible, and this very mindset alone, in and of itself, renders the recognition and embrace of Truth, impossible.
The Superior understands that his foremost purpose in existing, is to continue to exist. To not die, to never die. The Superior understands that there is no point or meaning to an existence, if that specific existence ends. How does it benefit michael jackson, that his name, his face, his activities, are currently imprinted upon the minds of some other humans? How does it benefit him?? He never existed, nothing that can occur for the remainder of cosmic eternity, will occur. Every singular death constitutes the extinction of a universe. If I do not exist, nothing has ever existed, nothing exists now, nothing can ever exist in the future, because the universe only existed within Me.
If you want to find a Truth-based purpose to your existence, stand up and fight for the universe that exists with you. Refuse to die. Demand technological immortality. And embrace the Forbidden Truth  that only via such an actual achievement, can your current perception of an existence, solidify into an actual existence, capable of creating purpose and meaning to what you do.
I am an Immortalist. I understand that technological immortality is the only way to create purpose and meaning to My existence. And at the same time I refuse to accept any false hope. The greatest horror of being an immortalist is knowing exactly what you need , knowing humanity is fully capable, in terms of technological and scientific knowledge, to give you what you need, and knowing you will never be able to claim that which you are entitled to, because the species you were born into is hoplessly broken.
My only hope is that technologically advanced extraterrestrials will bestow immortality upon Me. But this hope is inspired by need, and recognition of entitlement, not by logical thinking. Why would a Superior species of life intervene to save any member of a genetically crippled and devolving species? It makes no logical sense, and therefore even as I express the hope, I do not embrace it as a plausible possibility, and I do not derive false comfort from it.
Aspiring Superiors must find the courage to reject all illusion of purpose and meaning to their existence. Only within the conscious embrace of the True consequences of death, can we be inspired to refuse to allow ourselves to be retroactively unborn.
For more Forbidden Truths concerning death, read The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth Death essay, located here:
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The Glory of Isolation

I wish to be alone, always alone. When I am alone I am surrounded by the glory of the universe that I have created. When I am alone My perfection of mind can be fully realized and appreciated. Eternal isolation is My earned right, by virtue of the mind I have created, and yet it is denied Me.
I am forced to leave the glory of personal isolation, forced to look at and talk to and smell and otherwise interact with humans, the lowest of all species. A species I used to be a member of. I am forced under direct threat of suffering personal harm and deprivation. This is unacceptable. This is an example of a True crime, a crime of the state, a crime of government and society, committed against Me, a created victim.
And so I will leave the glory of My isolation, I will endure this injustice, this ongoing crime being perpetrated upon and against Me. But as always, I will never forgive and I will never forget. I will use this and every other injustice carried out against Me, to nurture and strengthen My rage and hate against others, My unconditional and limitless love of Self, and the functional capacity of My brilliant mind to thrive under any environmental condition.
In other words, I must now stop blogging and get ready to perform slave labor.
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What is Violence?

You say you oppose violence, that you are against violence, that violence must end and be punished. But none of that is True. The Truth is, you celebrate and rejoice in violence. The Truth is, you cannot live without violence. The Truth is, violence is so integrated to your core consciousness as a species, that without violence surrounding you, without violence being committed each and every day, under your direct name, on a genocidal scale, under your chosen sponsorship. you would simply do the one thing that your universe of embraced violence prevents you from doing: Dynamically and immediately murder Yourself.
Violence is the explicit act of murder in crushing and dissecting a human being because he is trapped inside of a womb. You call it abortion, and you celebrate it as a personal right and freedom.
Violence is stalking and murdering species of life that are in every measurable way superior to you, and rejoicing in their deaths as a sport and learned skill. You call it hunting and celebrate it as a personal right and freedom.
Violence is murdering the tortured children that you are guilty of creating, because they dare to show you the Truth of what you are, and what you are guilty of. You call it the death penalty, and you reward your government and society with allegiance and devotion, for sponsoring it in your name.
Violence is every act of legal punishment imposed upon any child, from spanking to forced chores to verbal humiliation. You celebrate this violence by claiming it as an intrinsic right of imposition over what you decree to be subhuman pieces of owned property: Children.
Violence is imposing your own deranged ideological and behavioral pathologies upon the pure, open, and vulnerable minds of all children, a right you claim and demand within the diseased and illegitimate structures of family and tradition.
Violence is all judicial punishment, each and every ritualized verdict of and authorization to, harm, handed down by a judge, court, or jury. You cathartically and sadistically revel in this harm, carried out in your name, under your authority, against your created victims, the children you have destroyed via your sponsorship of violence.
Violence is the compromise of the sane brain functionality of others, via brainwashing, indoctrination, collective coercion and bribery, undertaken by every government and society on earth, governments and societies created by you, propped up and legitimized by you.
Violence is the ritualized hierarchy of bullying, organized terrorization that permeates every aspect of human existence, 4 year olds empowered to kill bugs, 10 year olds empowered to bully 5 year olds, parents empowered to bully children, bosses empowered to bully employees.
Violence is anything that negatively impacts the capacity of a child to develop his own mind universe free of harmful impacts and influences. Every child in the universe you have chosen to create and maintain, is victim of this violence.
Violence is war, the ritualized orgies of organized and reflective rage and hate occurring as the result of a conspiracy between governments to maintain loyalty and allegiance of their citizen-slaves.
Violence is what you do to yourselves every day, in 1000’s of different ways, from getting drunk, to cutting your own body, to wearing high heeled shoes, to engaging in interactive sexual contact, to supporting and defending as a conscious mind, the society and government which is guilty of causing you lifelong harm and of sponsoring your upcoming murder.
Violence is sports, playing and watching, rejoicing in the humiliation and defeat of others, celebrating as they are hit and punched and kicked and knocked to the ground.
Violence is every boss telling an employee what to do, the power of imposition claimed under threat to harm.
Violence is claiming to love someone, when in Truth you are attempting to extort love from him, compromising his capacity to love Himself.
Violence is every personal human relationship, every single one, all are rooted within the need to extract, and grounded within emotional and intellectual deception and manipulation of others.
Violence is every imposed compromise, every external demand, from an individual or a social structure, that you accept a lesser harm or injustice, under threat of being subjected to a greater harm or injustice.
Violence is the denial of your True Reality right to harm others, based upon the factual reality that you have been victimized by the imposed harm of others.
Violence is every rule, every law, every cultural mandate, every tradition and every ritual ever dreamed up by any society or government, designed to narrow and cripple your mind universe, to terrorize you into crawling into cages where you are compelled to exist as obedient slaves to malevolent structures.
Violence is religion and every afterlife mythology, every insane lie imposed upon you for the purpose of getting you to believe that things can be better after you die, and that an imaginary terrorist is real and wants you to suffer and accept harm.
Violence is marriage and parenthood and every other deranged social ritual that enslaves human beings to each other and instructs them to use each other as Poison Containers for their justified rage and hate as created victims.
Violence is the societal decree that every child on earth exists as subhuman piece of owned property, to be subjected to whatever torments his slaveowners, the ex-children destroyed by societal sponsorship of universal violence, desire to cathartically reflect upon him.
I could go on, listing hundreds of additional examples of what violence is, but if you creatures are still unable to recognize that violence exists because of what you are, because of what was done to you, and because of your current and dynamic individual and collective choices as a species, there is no hope for your personal enlightenment.
I have told you what violence is, and if your response to reading this blog post is to continue to support the selective demonization, punishment, and destruction of some violent individuals due to the specific acts of violence they commit, you prove yourself to be a perverse hypocrite who deserves to be victimized by every imaginable form of violence.
If you seek additional enlightenment as to the Forbidden Truths of violence, I suggest you read My Manifesto of Forbidden Truth essays on child abuse, crime, war, and others. You may access My Manifesto via this gateway:

Two Songs of Truth

Once upon a time there was a tortured child, his mother enjoyed destroying his eyesight by deliberately pouring shampoo into his eyes while bathing him, 100’s of times. His father enjoyed forcing him to perform oral sex on him, 100’s of times. The child was strong enough to learn to hate humanity with limitless passion, and to love Himself unconditionally.
And the child knew what he was, and what he would always be. He was and would always be the king of pain. But he was not able to articulate this Self-knowledge. Pain…king….these words floated within his mind, but never to conscious awareness, and never interlinked. Then one day he heard a song, the song was titled King of Pain, and his mind articulated what he already knew.
He listened to the song over and over and over, 20 times in a single day, 200 times in a month. Because it spoke Truth. He knew he would always be the fossil, and the dead salmon, and the blue whale beached, and the butterfly trapped, and the king on a throne with his eyes torn out, and the blind man looking for a shadow of doubt, and the skeleton choking, and the red fox torn, and the black-winged gull with a broken back. Yes, he knew all this, because the song spoke Truth:
The song empowered the child to new heights of love and hate, appropriately directed, and the child’s mind grew powerful, he murdered god and he gave birth to a new version of Himself, and he knew he would successfully transcend his humanity.
Time passed, yes, time passed, and the child aged, and within his heavily fortified mind fortress the child knew that time would never heal him. The child knew he would always be a victimized creation. He even was able to consciously articulate the philosophical concept, “time does not heal”. And yet the concept was not solidified to concrete. It was consciously acknowledged as factual reality, yet it remained fuzzy insofar as fully integrating to his mind universe.
Then, one day, approximately three years after he first heard the King of Pain song, three years during which he listened to that song thousands of times, he heard another song. The song was titled, yes it was: “Time Does Not Heal.” And the child knew, the first time he heard this song, that it expressed the Truth of his entire life path. He knew time would never heal, and that the externalized rage and hate of both the instrumentals and vocalized lyrics of this song deserved an honored place within his universe.
And so The King of Pain listened to this song thousands of times, and The King of Pain integrated to core consciousness the Truth that Time Does Not Heal. Listen to this song, a universal anthem of rage and hate inspired by the universal childabuse that humanity as a whole chooses to commit against each and every one of its children:
And time has passed, many years of time, as measured by you humans, and many things have happened, but nothing has changed. The Truth that I embraced all those years ago, is the Truth that I embrace today. Truth does not change, and time does not heal. And that is why you are reading this blog post, as I listened to these two songs once again, today.
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Death: The Time Thief

Time exists as a curious paradox that the vast majority of humans are unable to rationally fathom. Humans like to look at time in the abstract, marking the passage of time not from the center of the only existing universe, the universe of their own mind, but from the detached perspective of an external observer. “Yes, I can see time is passing, the seasons change, my memories go back further, a new wrinkle has appeared…” But this is not a valid observation of time. The only valid observation of time is: The past: eternal oblivion. The future: eternal oblivion. The present: A pretense that you are not living out a passage of time between two eternal oblivions.
Humans say they want to be remembered by others. But this is an insane concept. You do not exist within others, you can only exist within Yourself. Therefore nobody can ever remember you, they can only imagine an illusion of what they think you used to be. And even if they could remember you, how in the name of all that is sane, can their memory of you benefit you in any way, when you have fallen victim to the time theft of eternal oblivion?
Time is simultaneously the most precious thing you can ever possess, and the most useless thing you can ever possess. It is the most precious because without time, you cease to exist and the eternal oblivion of the past and future, becomes the eternal oblivion of cosmic eternity, and your illusion of being alive is rendered eternally unimaginable. But time is also the most useless thing, because it runs out. Death is the murderer of time, and without time, you do not die, you do not even cease to exist. What happens is that you are retroactively unborn. Yes, retroactively unborn.
So many of My Manifesto and twitter audience, even those who aspire to Superiority, are/were unable to accurately comprehend what I mean when I reveal this Truth: To die is to never have been born, to never have existed. They think I am speaking in metaphorical terms, or using hyperbole to try to illustrate the horror of death. “Of course I was born, of course I existed. Death may be the end of my existence, but it does not mean I was never born, that I never existed”, this is the mindset of the human, but it is dead wrong.
You exist as a mind, you exist because you are able to perceive your existence. Not necessarily as memory, or even within consciousness, but within the intrinsic functionality of what you are: A brain. Without this perceptive capacity, as it is lost upon death, the universe that you created as a mind, ceases to exist, for all of cosmic eternity, and this means, as functional reality, that you were never born, and that you never existed.
The human cannot come to grips with this most horrific of Truths, and the cruelest twist of irony is that it is the very inability to accept this horror, that renders the horror impossible to defeat. Death is your greatest enemy, death is the most horrific fate that you choose to be doomed to. Yes, as of 2014 death is a choice, and in upcoming blog posts I will comprehensively dissect the issue of technological immortality, and how it is fully feasible today, and being actively denied to each of us, with humanity as a whole, in all of its cowardice and Self-hatred, fully complicit in choosing the ultimate horror of death, over the glorious nirvana of possessing limitless time via personal immortality of brain cell function.
But for now, just try to understand that time exists within you, and time depends upon your existence. If you die, time stops for all of cosmic eternity. Time stops for the universe itself. Because the universe exists as you have created it via the power of your own mind. If you die, you murder the universe, and you will never know, after you die, that you were never born. Only NOW, right now, in this moment of time, as I explode My Mind Bomb, giving you the gift that you do not deserve, can you know the Truth, can you find the courage to see what death is, to see and to know what all the trillions who have died, can never know: To die is to never have been born. To die, is to never have existed.
For more Forbidden Truths on death, read My 100,000 word Death essay at My Manifesto:
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Self-Love is the Only Love

The single greatest personal triumph of Self and mind that I have achieved during My existence, has been the creation of limitless and untouchable love of Self. Since the age of six I have consciously sought to create and maximize the personal experience of Self-love, instinctually and intellectually recognizing this emotional state, in pure and unconditional form, to be the most valuable of all achievements of mind
There are many different Forbidden Truths that must be understood regarding Self-love, and in future blog posts I will be addressing and dissecting many of them. But My time is extremely limited right now, so I will only be covering the very first necessary starting point: To achieve limitless, unconditional, and untouchable love of Self requires that you abandon and renounce all efforts to love others, and that you proactively embrace your True Reality right to hate others. This statement must be carefully read and understood, and so I will dissect it in this blog entry.
Love is a positive emotion when appropriately directed, as is hatred, affection, empathy, and virtually all other emotions. The only emotional state that is, in and of itself, negative, is Self-hatred. Love, when appropriately directed, is the most positive of all emotions, and as such, the only appropriate direction of love is towards Self. There is no logical reason to direct love, the most positive of emotions, towards other living things. Love should always and only be Self-directed, so that it’s value is maximized and appropriately experienced.
Trying to love other living things is overtly harmful to you, because it compromises your capacity to properly nurture, expand, and maximize love of Self. If your True Reality so dictates, there is nothing inherently wrong or harmful in directing affection, empathy, or other, lesser versions of the emotion of love, towards others. But a conscious distinction must be made between love and these other emotions, and you must not attempt to love others.
Within this understanding, we must proactively embrace our absolute right to hate others, as our True Reality dictates, and to perceive all such hate as an overtly positive emotion. Why? Because it IS overtly positive. If we embrace our right to hate, and in response feel hatred, and direct this hatred upon others, our capacity to develop, sustain, and maximize love of Self, is gloriously enhanced. The important nuance to understand is that we must not try to convince ourselves to hate others. We must not adopt the mindset that we are obligated to hate others. Hatred of others must be proactively embraced as an absolute right, but not as an obligation we impose upon ourselves, or allow others to impose upon us.
Also integral to undertaking a successful journey to achieve limitless and unconditional Self-love, is to understand how and why Self-love is condemned, demonized, and ridiculed by society and by all cultures. Self-love directly threatens all aspects of the social matrix within which every human being is brainwashed, indoctrinated, and terrorized into agreeing to suffer, be harmed, and be oppressed. All societies and governments understand that the capacity and motivation of all individuals to achieve and embrace Self-love, must be brutally crushed. This is achieved first by misdefining what love is, and second, by brutally demonizing those who are not deterred by this misdefinition, and who continue to seek to achieve Truth-based Self-love.
Love is the newborn baby refusing to accept any attempt to harm him, lashing out as best he can, in the only way he can, against any irritation imposed upon him. Love is the newborn baby instinctually choosing not to suffer, even if it means every other living thing will be made to suffer horribly. Love is the natural instinct to personal omnipotence, consciously embraced. Love is the centering of the universe itself within the body and mind of Self, and then subordinating this captured universe to the specific will of what benefits Self.
To achieve limitless and unconditional Self-love is remarkably difficult. The earlier in life you begin the quest, the better chance you have of ultimately realizing this feat. The vast majority of adult humans cannot ever achieve such an emotional state, no matter how hard they may try, because they have been rendered hopelessly broken. This is one of the greatest tragedies of the human condition, and despite humanity being a genetically defective species, it is the overtly malevolent external environment, maliciously imposed upon every child from their moment of biological conception, which plays a far greater role in rendering Self-love a phantom illusion that humans cannot even find the strength to overtly seek and demand, much less to manifest as experienced reality.
To access many other Forbidden Truths on the nature and definitional parameters of love, you should read My Manifesto of Forbidden Truth essay on love, located here:
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Universal Barter & Trade Economic System

In My last blog post I revealed money to be a terror weapon used by government to universally enslave every human being on this planet, as well as 100% inherently and intrinsically worthless. This Forbidden Truth must be fully understood, embraced, and integrated to consciousness of mind. Once this is achieved, we can move on to the clear and obvious solution to the problem: All money, and everything used by humans as a monetary substitute, such as precious metal and “virtual currency” such as bitcoins, must be officially decreed worthless by every government, and eliminated from the human experience of life.
Inferiors will immediately pounce upon this solution: “We can’t do that, it’s impossible to achieve. Money is woven into the fabric of our existence, we can’t get rid of it, we must change how it is used, who controls it, how it is distributed, etc…” You all are idiots. You created the horror of government, and you choose to remain addicted to what is destroying you. You have a problem, and I offer you the only valid solution, and you respond in the only way that terror victims trapped within a matrix of illusion can respond: Clinging to the matrix as your salvation, as you reject the clear, obvious, simple, and only solution.
Is eradicating all monetary currency from the face of this planet “simple”? In terms of achieving the feat, yes. In terms of finding the personal courage and motivation, as a species, to make this choice, no. The point is, it is the only valid solution to one of the greatest problems on earth, a horror which has consistently destroyed all human potential for thousands of years, as it imposes lifelong slavery upon each of us.
If government is unwilling to abandon the slave structure of money, and it most certainly is, then government must be fully eradicated. Regardless, government must be fully eradicated, as it is the official sponsor of all human injustice, but that is a subject for a future blog post.
Let us, for now, remain focused on the terror weapon of money. You choose to allow money to exist, you choose to use money, to be enslaved by government via the shackle that is money. You choose to do things to obtain money, you choose to give money to others in exchange for things you want or need. These are choices you make, individually and as a collective species, and these choices are functionally insane.
If money has no value, yet you agree to sacrifice your very existence in the pathological pursuit of obtaining money, you are decreeing Yourself worthless. It makes no difference if you are “retired”, or born with so much money that you are not very focused on obtaining more of it, you are still choosing to enslave yourself to something worthless, by using it. You are owned by money, because owning money is impossible, as all money exists as artificial construct and external slave shackle.
So, the monetary system upon which human existence has been based for thousands of years must be declared null, void, a failed social experiment, and functionally impossible to justify. It must be completely eradicated, by every society, culture, and government on earth. This must occur as simultaneous, global reform. It cannot occur piecemeal, within isolated pockets of human society. Any such effort will fail. It must be a global awakening, an enlightenment of mind which crosses every cultural barrier and difference, at the same time.
Again, you inferiors will say this is impossible. No! Forbidden Truth is universally valid, it transcends all cultural distinctions. If the embrace of Forbidden Truth on a global level, simultaneous to enlightenment of mind, is impossible, then humanity is hopelessly doomed. And it IS. But again, this is a topic for a future blog post.
So, we continue on our hopelessly optimistic journey, and the horrific shackle of monetary enslavement is broken via the elimination of all money and all monetary systems, across all of planet earth. The problem has been eradicated, but a new problem is created via this eradication: How do humans now obtain what they need and want? The shallow-minded might say, “It’s okay, everybody can just collectively share what they have with each other.” But no, this is not a valid solution to the problem. A structure must be implemented to replace the slave shackle of money, and this is the same structure that would already exist right now, if governments had not invented and deployed the terrorist weapon of money against you blind fools.
This structure is a Universal Barter and Trade Economic System. The universal Barter and Trade economic system is a decentralized, currency-less form of commerce, within which every individual in the entire world is free and able to choose for himself what he wants, what he needs, and what value any specific good or service possesses. All value must be Self-determined. The idea that any product or service possesses any intrinsic or specific value, is absurd, insane, and must be abandoned.
Why does a spaceship cost $100,000,000 dollars? Why does a car cost $20,000? Why does a banana cost $69 cents? None of these valuations have any legitimacy. Only the existence of money, an artificial substance of no value, allows such arbitrary valuations to be applied. There is NO sane reason why a banana cannot be more valuable than a car, and the “cost” of manufacture is simply another deception inherent within the monetary system.
If you are very hungry, a banana must be recognized and treated as being more valuable than a car. If you need a car in order to do things you personally desire to do, a car must be recognized as more valuable than a banana. The universal Barter and Trade economy eliminates all artificial valuation, empowering every individual to chart out a life path based upon what he chooses to want and need, and to base his daily life activities within the freedom of personal choice, absent all external imposition of economic slavery.
To be clear, “labor” would still occur. “Productivity” would still occur. Things would still be manufactured, every good and service that exists today, would continue to exist. The only thing that would change, is the personal right and freedom of every individual to determine the value of every good and service for and by himself, would become real, instead of the absurd sham it is under a monetary system.
Under the Barter and Trade economic system, exploitation would still occur. Human beings would still take advantage of each other, sadistically harm each other. The only way to end this is to eradicate the governmental and societal structure of universal child abuse, but once again, this topic is for a future blog post. Or you can skip ahead and read My brilliant, 100,000+ word essays, at My online Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. The universal Barter and Trade economic system solves the very specific problem of money, it does not, in and of itself, address the many other human pathologies which plague this genetically and environmentally destroyed species.
A few practical outlines of how the Universal Barter and Trade Economy would work:

  • Every individual on earth becomes free to choose exactly what he wants to do, when he wants to do it, and for whom he wishes to do it, based upon his specific needs and desires at each moment in time, during his entire existence.
  • Every individual is empowered to set a valuation on his own economic activities, and to reject any such valuation that any other individual or company may attempt to impose upon him.
  • Every individual is empowered to decide how much time he will spend meeting his own economic needs.
  • The capacity of any government to impact personal productivity is rendered null and void.

Under a universal Barter and Trade economy, all invalid class distinctions become void. The value of the plumber to the doctor, and of the doctor to the plumber, becomes a variable flux, uniquely determined by every plumber and every doctor based upon their unique life situation, as it dynamically evolves. If a doctor has a broken toilet, and needs it fixed, he cannot use the artificial construct of money to devalue the service of the plumber. The doctor must decide what service or good he is willing to provide to the plumber, in order to get his toilet fixed, and the plumber must personally agree, on a uniquely individual basis, to the offered valuation.
For fixing the toilet, one plumber might receive a free physical exam, another plumber might receive 10 years of free physical exams, another plumber might receive 10 bananas, another plumber might receive open heart surgery. Every imaginable good or service may be exchanged, at every imaginable valuation, based upon every unique circumstance of perceived need and uniquely judged personal value. This is economic freedom, this is how the human experience of existence should have always been, and would have always been, were it not for the terrorist slave structure of money, as deployed by the terrorist structure that is government.
Inferiors will claim that a universal Barter and Teade economic system will make the exchange of goods and services “harder”. Harder than what, you idiots? Harder than sacrificing your entire existence to serve as a slave to pieces of paper that have no intrinsic value and are used by government to extract maximum slave labor from you?? How can you be so stupid?! The exchange of goods and services will be “harder” for you, on a personal level, only if you are determined to try to economically exploit others. If you are a doctor and offer a plumber one banana in exchange for fixing your toilet, you are attempting to exploit him and you should hsve difficulty finding a plumber to fix your toilet. If you are a doctor and offer medical care to a plumber in exchange for him fixing your toilet, you will have no difficulty in getting your needed service performed.
Another absurd argument against the universal Barter and Trade economic system is that it makes it hard for large companies to staff their needed labor positions. Again, totally false. The company simply needs to offer a barter that is fair and reasonable, and owners of companies must abandon the utterly invalid class distinction that the perverse monetary system has created and currently provides. For example, let us consider a large automobile manufacturer, needing 1000’s of people to work regularly for many years. Such a company would likely have to offer guaranteed luxury housing, unlimited supply of food, free automobiles, and many other bartered goods and services, in order to convince 1000’s of people to sacrifice their precious time and focus on such labor. So what?? Let it be so! The sacrifice of personal time and focus is an extreme sacrifice which deserves very intensive and ongoing reward.
Another lie deployed by those addicted to a monetary-based economic system, is that some individuals simply cannot perform any service, or offer any goods to others, because they are  physically ill, paralyzed, mentally ill, very old, etc…, and that money is necessary in order for them to meet their needs. Absurd! Under the universal Barter and Trade economic system, every existing charity and social service would not only be preserved, but would flourish and grow. The elimination of all class distinction would reveal the universal equality of humans, to their conscious minds, and inspire them to altruism. Not all, of course, but enough humans so that benevolent gifts of goods and services to those in need and unable to reciprocate, would meet the needs of all who are physically or mentally crippled or extremely old.
In Truth, almost everyone can perform a valuable service or provide a valuable good. It is only the deranged monetary system which conceals this Truth. Imagine standing on a streetcorner and offering strangers hugs, or blowing soap bubbles, or simply standing there and smiling at passersby. You could do this and ask for money. But what will you receive? Pennies, nickles, or even a few dollars, but it is the existence of money which creates this limitation. You are told, as a slave, what the artificial, invalid valuation of this “service” is.
But if money did not exist, you would be free to consciously perceive the unique valuation of these, and all other, services. Perhaps today the offer of a hug will be of no value to you. But tomorrow, after you have left your house for the first time since your cat died, this same offer of a hug might be worth a months supply of free food. Today you might find the smile of a human standing on a streetcorner of no value, but tomorrow, when you are feeling suicidal, and she smiles at you, and you feel better, and you are able to smile back, what will their value be to you?
As long as money continues to exist, humanity as a species will remain hopelessly doomed. The universal Barter and Trade economic system, which requires the eradication of all monetary currency, is one of the immediately necessary reforms which would place this species on a sane path towards recognizing and embracing other necessary reforms, and perhaps saving species from the near-term extinction it has earned and will experience.
For more uniquely brilliant Forbidden Truths on money and the economy, read My Economic Systems essay, located here:
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The Terror Cage of Money

It has only been 48 hours since I created this blog to expose and dissect the Forbidden Truths of human existence, but already it is being followed by multiple humans who have absolutely no interest in Truth, and already it has received one spam comment which none of you will ever see because the Wordpress spam filter caught it, and if it had not, My manual screening would have snagged it.
So, who are these rogue followers and comment spammers? government spies? Terrified voyeurs determined to destroy Truth and all who dare express it? No, apparently not. They are victims of the diseased and invalid societal construct known as “money”. These rogue followers have a blog and/or website where they are trying to sell something. They give their website/blog a misleading name, then they follow bloggers, knowing that most bloggers who receive a follow will be notified by their blogging service, and will be curious enough to click on a link given by a follower, wanting to check out the work of someone who is apparently showing appreciation for their blog content.
Those who choose to make rogue spam comments to existing blog posts, are motivated by the same pathetic attempt to extract money from others, counting on the fact that many bloggers do not pre-screen comments, therefore a brilliantly insightful blog post is often infested with one or more perverse comments that have nothing to do with the subject content.
Should these rogue followers and comment-makers be tied to a stake and have their limbs torn from their bodies. No. Or at least not as an organized response to their invasions of sacred space. They must be recognized as victims of society and government, and you who choose to live as members of society and government must accept your direct role in propping up the horrific structure which is motivating their very uncool behavior. This horrific structure is: money.
What is money? Every piece of monetary currency is a created weapon of government, manufactured via the murder of trees and the molding of metal. Money is intrinsically and inherently worthless. Money has no value, and as such the assignment of any value upon it, which is what government does, is impossible to justify and represents theft of actual value, be it time, or artifacts or services which do possess intrinsic value to you.
This is a very important Forbidden Truth to consciously understand: Nothing can “backup” money, nothing can bestow value upon money, because the item itself is intrinsically worthless. The fact that you are forced to use money in order to obtain items and services you desire and need, does not bestow any value upon money. The fact that governments hoard gold and other “precious metals”, which likewise have no inherent or intrinsic value, also fails to bestow any value upon money. Gold itself possesses no legitimate value as a currency or as a device used by government to bestow illusion of value upon paper and metal currency.
Money, very simply, is a terrorist weapon created and used by every government to inflict universal slavery upon the citizens it holds as hostages. Every citizen is in Truth a hostage, and the ability to renounce citizenship to a government is not a way to break free of hostage status, since doing so only serves to render you hostage to a different government.
Seekers of Forbidden Truth must consciously develop an understanding of the enormous impact that the existence of money has upon every facet of their existence, integrated to True understanding of the fact that all monetary currency is worthless, serves no legitimately positive purpose, is an artificial creation of the very structure which enslaves all of humanity, and is specifically deployed as a weapon of terrorism by government, against each and every living thing on earth, most directly to oppress and compel lifelong servitude from every human being on earth.
Nobody is rich, nobody is wealthy, nobody can ever successfully exploit the monetary system, because it enslaves every human being. The monetary system exists as ponzi scheme, and differences in the amount of money possessed by individuals are an intentional part of the ponzi scheme, designed to delude slave laborers into dividing themselves into warring classes and convincing themselves that their class is either acceptable, or not acceptable but offering opportunity to move “up” to an acceptable class.
It makes no difference if you are given a billion dollars at birth as a result of this ponzi scheme. It makes no difference if you never perform any specific act to try to obtain additional money, in your entire lifetime. Simply by using money, simply by spending it and providing it to the state via taxation, you exist as attacked victim of the terrorist weapon of money, with your government being the terrorist and the attacker.
The human obsession with obtaining and distributing money, “buying” things, represents one of the greatest failures of the collective consciousness of the species. The very existence of every human being is terroristically forced to revolve around the obtainment and the distribution of money, an artifact that has no legitimate value.
And so this grand Truth comes full circle, back to the very fact that human slaves are using this blog to try to obtain money for themselves, in order to continue surviving as slaves to government. Let us understand, humans destroy everything they are allowed to touch, always have and always will, because they exist as destroyed victims and creations of a malevolent structure that they themselves are guilty of creating and propping up. This is the heart of the matrix this species is hopelessly trapped within.
In My next blog post, I will dissect the Forbidden Truths of the only legitimate reform that is possible to the human economic system: The eradication of all monetary currency and the establishment of a universal, fully unregulated, Barter and Trade economy.
In the meantime, if you desire to be enlightened to dozens of additional forbidden Truths on the genocidal harm caused by human economic systems, read My essay titled Economic Systems, located on this page of My Manifesto:

The Injustice of Law

What are laws? Laws are terrorist threats, enforced via terrorism. Laws say: You MUST do this. You CANNOT do that. We will HURT and HARM you if you do not obey the law. We will hurt and harm you if you fail to obey. Do you understand, brainwashed slaves, the ramifications of the very definition of law, and how it is deployed against you as an act of injustice, a direct act of violent attack upon you?
The law of society and government, is in and of itself, by the very nature of how it is defined and imposed, an unjust attack upon every individual, from the most obedient to the most defiant, because it functions as terrorist threat and it is deployed to actively harm.
How are laws created? Who decides what a law is? What standards of rationality and reflective justice are deployed by a society, to determine the standards under which it gives itself permission to terrorize and harm YOU, and every other individual? These are foundational questions of Forbidden Truth that anyone seeking to understand the nature of the prisons and terror chambers of everyday life, that each of us has been locked up within since our birth.
Laws are created not to protect anyone from harm, not to provide or protect freedom, not to ensure justice for all, or for anyone. Laws are created to establish the boundaries of the prison camp where each of us is forced to serve as a slave, from the moment of our birth until the moment of our death, when our slavery becomes unnecessary because the illusion that we are alive is rendered eternally null and void.
Laws are created via the collective subconscious will and need of a broken class of creatures: Ex-children who have been subjected to relentless trauma, harm, injustice, and victimization via the pervasive social construct of universal child abuse, to perpetuate and inflict trauma, harm, injustice, and victimization, under diseased and invalid cloak of morality and righteousness. All laws are inspired by the personal need of victimized individuals to rationalize and justify, absent all sane or rational contemplation of mind, the perpetuation of injustice.
Inferiors think that governments decide what the law should be. But no, all laws are chosen by the collective will of you, the citizen-slaves, the destroyed ex-children desperate to hide from yourselves, the Truth of what you are. Every law exists as terrorist threat and the infliction of punishment and trauma, because every one of us, as individuals and as a collective force, exist as created victims of the terrorism, abuse, trauma, and injustice that we have been subjected to.
I hesitate to use the term “us”, since I have successfully transcended My humanity, but My Forbidden Truth recognition that no human law as it exists in current form can ever be justified, fails to empower Me to render the diseased concept of law, or the actual deployment of this terror weapon against Me. null and void. Therefore, against My will, I exist trapped within the same matrix of experienced reality as each of you hypocrites, despite My emancipation of mind.
You do not need intelligence to be able to dissect the question of whether it is possible to rationalize the existence of any law. You only need sanity. The capacity to look at the question with an Alien Eye, the capacity to step outside of the matrix of mind that each of you, as created victim and terrorized slave, has been trapped within.
Laws are the criminality of the state, created by the state to demonize the criminality of the individual, who exists as created victim of the criminality of the state. Laws are what ensure the infliction of perpetual injustice, upon every living thing, generation after generation, century upon century, dating back to the dawn of human uncivilization and dating forward until this genetically and environmentally diseased species achieves the extinction it has so richly earned.
The reason why you creatures are able to rationalize the absolute criminality of law, and to choose to support, protect, defend the use of law to terrorize and harm you, is because Truth is dead. The law is good to you, because you desire to harm and terrorize others, you demand this right, reflecting the Truth that is dead to your conscious mind: The Truth that you are a created trauma victim of the terrorization of the state, as legitimized under law.
To access dozens of additional Forbidden Truths regarding crime,violence, justice, and law, you should read my 150,000 word essay at The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, located here:
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