100 MindGasms Yesterday, For the Writer

I spent about ten hours yesterday, slowly rereading all 134 of the posts that I have made to this blog over the past 98 days. Why did I do this? Because I love to revel in My own brilliance, to celebrate, over and over and over, all of My personal accomplishments and achievements, within the Forbidden Truth understanding that the only thing in the universe worthy of personal celebration, is the Self, absent any specific act or achievement, separate from yet also alongside any and every manifestation of the Self, which is expressed via act and achievement.
It was a glorious ten hours, many times I paused, after reading something brilliant I had written, in order to immediately reread it again, savoring a double dose of honor, respect, appreciation, and admiration for Self. To all who write and who aspire to personal Superiority: There is great benefit in rereading your own writings, not as a critic or to try to find grammatical errors, but to unconditionally revel in the glory and the brilliance of the Self, as expressed and revealed via the words you have written, the True Reality you have expressed, the Truth you have captured, integrated to Self, and revealed to the universe.
Anyone who is unable to joyfully revel in the brilliance of his own writings, is an inferior, psychologically and emotionally crippled, and owes an obligation to Himself, to consciously understand and accept this Truth, and if he aspires to personal Superiority, to immediately begin developing the love of Self and the unconditional respect and admiration for all that he chooses to do, which would allow him to obtain pure and undiluted joy, on both intellectual and emotional levels, from rereading his own writings.
“Rereading” is such a lukewarm term, however. I cannot leave it as such. What must occur is the immersion of Self, of all states of personal consciousness, within the glory of your previous state of consciousness, which existed during the writing of your texts. Do you understand, inferior ones? Everything you write is motivated by a specific state of consciousness, unique to that moment in time, to the specific period of time the text is written. Rereading this text days, weeks, months, years, decades later, affords you a uniquely perfect opportunity to not simply revel in your past brilliance, but to recreate, as conscious reality in the now, the same state of mind, the same natural True Reality high, unique to its time, that you experienced while you were writing the specific text.
Yesterday, during this ten hour rereading spree, I literally experienced 100 separate mind orgasms, MindGasms if you will: The double glory of reveling in your brilliance of the past, as you openly celebrate and glory in your brilliance of the present moment. This is the achievement of the Superior, Self-loving, unconditionally empowered Self, and it is pathetic and perverse that 99.9999% of all writers, not even speaking to the general mass of inferiors, but narrowing the population group specifically down to those who regularly write and who consider themselves to be writers, cannot personally relate to the experience I have just revealed, and instead spend their time being critical of and trying to improve/perfect their writing, all the while unable to glory in the perfection of the Self, as literally expressed, via their own Self-created literature. <Da*n, I just reread My last sentence, and am already glorying in how I integrated literally and literature into the same sentence, to brilliantly express a brilliant realization of Truth! How brilliant is that?!? Oh-oh, approaching egotistic overload, must abort….ahhhh, let it stand, the ego can never collapse due to its positive inflation! It’s another…MindGasm!
Wake up, humans! The only way to get high is within and upon Yourself, in stone cold sobriety. Make Yourself untouchable, bestow limitless and unconditional love upon Yourself, so that you may be able to MindGasm at will, to not simply recognize and embrace your perfection and brilliance, but to consciously revel in it, at will, purely and sincerely, effortlessly, its even easier than the orgasm, the MindGasm!
If I am ever locked up inside of a cage, I want humans to print out and send Me copies of My own writings. Sure, you can write Me letters and those will probably please Me too, but the easiest and best way to recreate the glory of the past, is to relive your own creations, your own achievements of mind, literary and otherwise. And if I ever come to suffer from alzheimer’s disease or any other form of dementia, let others read to Me, and provide Me with printed texts so I may read to Myself, not any of the classic texts such as The Silence of the Lambs or The Anarchist Cookbook. No, let them provide Me with texts of My own writings, so that I may try to recall and revel in the brilliance and perfection of the past Self, as I simultaneously seek personal perfection in the experience of the now.
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  1. Humans are obsessed with conformity and approval from others, even something relatively simple like reading/writing illustrates this. At various points I’ve either received or overheard writing advice and it is all the same “READ as much as possible, PERFECT the grammar, conform your writing style to others, your writing style must meet others approval!” this all while they perversely claim that you need to “find your voice” absolutely insane.
    I remember first reading your Manifesto, and once I was kind of in the meat of it, saying to myself “wow this guy is actually a great writer” because it was easy to read and very unique. I hate reading inferior’s comments about it “can you believe this guy capitalizes the T in truth, unbelievable!” It’s like your slight grammatical quirks when it comes to capitalization and stuff like that actually makes them angry! and it does, they can’t handle the fact that others can break free of conformity when it comes to things like writing. They think they are free, they think that they’re writing style is unique, that they’re the real rebel, that they’re advancing and changing the way writing works, all while they conform left and right.
    In terms of actual readability your Manifesto was one of the easiest things I’ve ever read in my life, like reading a children’s novel, which is remarkable because of its length and obviously the nature of it. It had many things I needed to think about and sections I needed to reread, but the actual act of reading it was very enjoyable and “fun.”

    1. Very good points. Keep in mind that every child is brainwashed from their moment of birth, to seek approval from others. Observe the behavior of the newborn. Instinctually, the newborn does not care what others think or want, the newborn lacks all self-consciousness, the newborn is not interested in gaining any approval from others. These are all Superior, mentally healthy character traits, and society understands that it must destroy this mental health, it must render every human a quivering mass of nerves, desperate to obtain approval from others, because he has been stripped of Self=love, stripped of Self-confidence, stripped of the sense of Self-autonomy, turned into a sheeple, a broken member of a broken herd, every sheep looking to every other sheep to try to form a concensus, so that each can take comfort in the delusion that they are right because the others agree with him.
      The advice that you need to “find your own voice” reflects how humans pathologically seek the illusion of freedom, while deliberately choosing to remain locked inside cages. “Yes, you need to find the right job, a job that allows you to be yourself”, and so you seek freedom inside of the cage of labor slavery. “Yes, you need to find the right woman, a woman who will make you happy, a woman you are compatible with”, and so the inferor wastes a lifetime, and destroys Himself, seeking joy and fulfillment inside of a cage where nothing he may find can ever lead to Truth, to Self-love, or to any form of freedom.
      True demonstrations of personal freedom always terrify and upset the inferiors, because the borders of their own cages comfort them, and any violation of these borders threaten them. Conformity is always promoted and rewarded by society, because within conformity there is never a threat to the social order or the power of government to dictate and impose.
      The Superior never conforms to any rule or dictate. Every aspect of My Manifesto accurately reflects Me, a Superior creature who rejects all external behavioral, ideological, or expressive cages. Every picture I placed within My Manifesto, and every word I wrote, every idea I expressed, was directed to an audience of one: Me, Myself, and I. Wait, is that three…. No, it’s one. Never, in the years that it took Me to begin and then end My Manifesto, did I give a single thought to how anyone who might read My Manifesto, would respond to it. To do so would have constituted betrayal of My own voice, and in the process, Truth itself. Nothing should ever be written to an audience, even if the audience is directly being addressed. Even when I write a sentence and address it to “You humans”, “You inferiors”, etc…, My comments are being made to Myself, I am addressing the Truth which exists within Me, the Truth that I exalt, as I exalt Myself.
      Glad you enjoyed reading My Manifesto. Your experience was very rare, as is your capacity to consider and embrace Forbidden Truth.

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