10 Lessons Professional Terrorists Could Learn From Stephen Paddock

A little over two weeks ago, senior citizen sniper Stephen Paddock, a 64 year old torture victim and Martyr of amerikkka, successfully carried out the single most prolific lone gunman mass murder rampage in amerikkkan history. He fatally harvested 58 humans from a brilliantly conceived and established sniper’s nest overlooking a music festival from the 32nd floor of The Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, usa.
The purpose of this essay is not to replay or update any details of this historic event, I’ve done this in past essays, but instead to contrast Stephen’s success, as a complete amateur, with the relative failures of the vast majority of professionally conceived and organized terrorist attacks.
The simple fact is, excepting 9/11, organized and professional terrorists have had a dismal record of both planning and executing homicidal attacks, most especially within us territory. In this essay, I will briefly outline how these failures can be reversed.
Why was Stephen, an elderly man with no professional training in murder, so successful in comparison to younger and better-training seekers of homicidal vengeance? Let’s look at 10 direct factors that explain this phenomenon.
1) Comprehensive pre-event tactical planning makes a big difference. But only if absolute secrecy and covertness is maintained throughout the tactical planning process. A dual feat Stephen was able to achieve, while many professional terrorists were/are not.
2) Innovative tactics are important. A plan different from any previously attempted plan, contains an element of surprise that offers a tremendous opportunity at the beginning of the attack.
3) Establishing a protected and defended Command and Control Center for the initiation of an attack, even if it only lasts for a few minutes, offers a tremendous tactical advantage that can make all the difference in determining success or failure. Lee Harvey, Osama, and Stephen did this.
4) Tried and true, reliable and professionally made weapons generally are more effective than improvised devices and home-made explosives.
5) Mental and emotional calmness generally aid a mass murder rampage, over religious fervor or emotional excitement, most especially during the actual commission of the rampage.
6) Every high security venue and every high value target always has defensive weaknesses that can be exploited. But first they must be properly identified, and then an actual plan that does recognize and exploit a specific and existing weakness must be devised and executed.
7) The maintenance of absolute Sleeper and Deep Cover status as an individual, can be of enormous aid in successfully planning and executing a highly successful attack.
8) Personal weaknesses, such as age and physical infirmity, can be directly exploited and turned into operational and tactical strengths.
9) Just because terrorists may exist as a group, does not mean that any specific operation needs to be planned or executed within a group dynamic. There are absolute tactical advantages to a solo conceived and executed event, that cannot be maintained within any type of interactive conspiracy.
10) Disorienting targeted victims during the initial moments of a rampage, insofar as the directionality and scope of an attack, can greatly aid overall success.
These are just ten of dozens of different advantages Martyr Stephen established and utilized.
Professional terrorists often fall victim to dogmatic and traditional thinking patterns. They often try to emulate each other and recreate past successes. They tend to emphasize ideological doctrine over personal, mind-grown, inspiration based upon individual True Reality.
In all aspects of consciousness of mind, unlearning is the key. Unlearning is the process by which errors of the Self-mind can be recognized and eliminated.
Legal Disclaimer: This essay is written and published for informational and scholarly research purposes only, and as a social commentary upon the human condition.  The author does not condone or promote any type of criminal or illegal actions.

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  1. 200 shots fired into the hallway, and the security guard was only hit once in the leg? Sounds like the security guard was in on it.

    1. These types of perverse conspiracy theories are deliberately and covertly promoted by government for the purpose of diminishing the scope and magnitude of Martyr Stephen Craig Paddock’s achievement. The same thing was done to Lee Harvey, the greatest travesty in the history of modern-era true crime, that Lee Harvey is still doubted as being solely responsible for plotting and carrying out the JFK assassination.
      I approved your comment because it allows Me to once again clarify an important and universally cloaked Forbidden Truth.

        1. Yes, there are tons of inconsistencies, because every society and government is lie-based and has no respect for Truth. Every possibility is proclaimed to be a fact, then changed later on as the possibility is disproved, with no accountability of any kind for the provider of false information.
          Second, every society and government uses all uncontrolled events to try to establish tactical advantage for the future, in successfully keeping their citizen-slaves caged, obedient, and embracing of their ongoing victimization and destruction.
          Conspiracies always HELP regimes, because they are far more likely to fail, to be uncovered and proactively prevented from ever reaching fruition, than any lone wolf attack. Belief in a conspiracy also destroys individual potential from being Truthfully recognized. “Oh yeah, of course he couldn’t have done THAT all by himself…so neither can I, so I won’t even try…”
          All suggestions of conspiracy, in all True Crime events, should be filtered through the lens of consideration with an understanding that conspiracy theory is both overtly and covertly promoted by societies and governments, and is directly beneficial to them, in the war against Truth and against the individual human potential to defy and to attack the Matrix.
          Do criminal conspiracies exist and occur? Of course. But to give credibility to their suggestion, based upon pure speculation, is completely unjustifiable.

          1. Another forbidden truth, is that organized crime has more power than most realize. The Kennedy assassination was certainly tied to organized crime. The mobster Jack Ruby blew Oswald’s brains out. The forbidden truth buried under that truth is that mobsters were all violently abused as children.

            1. You are incorrect. government IS, in and of itself, the only real form of organized criminality. government is the purest of all possible criminal organizations, compelling slave labor and obedience, mandating universal exploitation, victimization, and death for all.
              Organized crime “families” are used by the criminal enterprise that is government, to help promote toxic and enslaving ideologies and lifestyle paths such as familial addiction and toxic enmeshment, worship of money as a form of freedom and power when in Truth it compels universal slavery and impotence via false power and control illusions, and also to directly legitimize criminal acts such as extortion, by concealing their True definitions.
              The mafia family is a construct of government, supported and encouraged by government, used as distraction and diversion to make the criminality that is government, impossible for the Unwashed Masses to recognize.
              There is zero legitimate evidence to support any link between Lee Harvey’s assassination and organized crime. Further, whatever connections Jack Ruby may have had to organized crime, are those of a VICTIM of the mafia, not as a member of any mafia group or family. Nightclub owners were frequent victims of mafia extortion.
              All children are abused, severely traumatized victims of Universal Child Abuse.
              So, your attempts to glean and to integrate Forbidden Truth to your understanding of human existence are very weak, limited, and invalid. Good luck in your efforts to grow your mind, if in fact you possess any capacity or interest in doing so.

              1. “When Jack told me he had killed Oswald ‘for the Jews,’ I believed him. On
                each of the three occasions we talked, he said, ‘Bill, I did this so they
                wouldn’t implicate the Jews.”
                Kunstler added “During our last visit, he handed me a note in which he
                reiterated his desire to protect American Jews from a pogrom that could
                occur because of anger over the assassination.”
                William Kunstler, My Life as a Radical Lawyer

                1. Humans say, write, do, think, believe, and perceive as they WANT, with no respect or even conscious awareness, of the Truth, of factual reality, or of their internal, True Reality motivations.
                  And so you never accept what a human says or claims, even in the first person, at face value. Humans despise, are terrified of, and are incapable of, accurately judging, why they carry out the actions they do.
                  A rational, Forbidden Truth analysis of the jfk assassination indicates that both Lee Harvey AND Jack Ruby acted alone, planned and plotted their actions in secrecy, as individuals, motivated primarily by their own internal True Realities, and not by any very specific political or ideological agenda.
                  But this does NOT mean that even they themselves, were completely aware on an openly conscious level, of the exact nature, extent, and motivation for their chosen actions.

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